Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My 3-in-1

Here is a little box I call my 3- in- 1. It serves as a card, a gift box, and part of the gift itself.

Here's what it looks like closed up. I still want to add a few sentiments to it and my personal message. I made the rose our of fabric.

When you open the box, I have thank you and a little flourish.

Then you get to where I will put my personal message below the key. The paper is from DCWV's all dressed up. So the base of the box is basically like a great big matchbox. I added a wrap the folds over to be my card part. I love this little box. It could hold so many goodies in it.  What will I put in mine? I will show you in my next post.

Thanks so much for stopping by to look  at my project. This will be a gift for a special friend.=D
I would use this box to store something in if I got something like this. This would be just too useful to throw away.



  1. Love the box, Trish! I mostly wanted to stop in to say I hope things are going smoothly with getting ready to head to Florida! Take things one step at a time, don't get too overwhelmed and remembered you are loved!

    1. Shalah, that is super sweet of you to think of me! I am headed out to spend some time with dear friends in Amish country. I think this all is teaching me not to take friends fro granted. Thanks for the love. Sending some back!

  2. Trish, I love your fabric rose, so pretty. This is a nice box!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I would like to do a bunch up to have some on hand. I like the variety away from paper flowers.