Monday, November 12, 2012

Ornament snow globes

I wanted to share some quick ornament designs I did some of these last year. They were so fun!

This is a flat round ornament. I used a pre-printed, foamie shape on the inside. I stuck it to a clear acetate strip, and I rolled it up to slide it into the hole. I added some styro foam beads for the snow and cut the snowflakes and name out of vinyl.
This other one is a round bulb ornament that I used little nutcracker stickers on a thin strip of acetate and fed it down through the hole on the top.

I love the little snow globe look.

Happy crafting- Ima Cutter

Friday, November 9, 2012

Ornament score!

I has this idea in mind and actually found the perfect item. I was in the Dollar Store and found these ornaments that have a hand-made look, but yet they were flat (which was exactly what I was looking for) and a deal at 4 for a dollar.
Here is another style I picked up too.
I think these will be flat enough to mail in an oversized envelope. The card I am making is a 4 x 5 size. I designed a little pocket on the inside for the ornament to go in.

The stamps are from My Thoughts Exactly. The paper is by Me & My Big Ideas and Jolly Holiday by Recollections. This one I did a ribbon all the way around to tie off the card.

I did two variations of the inside. This one just closes.
Now I have a set of Christmas cards done and even have a little ornament to send with it to remind our friends of us.

I hope you find some inspiration with these cute little ornament cards.

Thanks for coming by, ~Ima Cutter  (Trish)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Centerpiece tree

With the holidays coming it is time to get in gear with figuring out some gifts and fun decor.

The first project I want to share with you for the holidays is a colorful Christmas tree. I bought a stack of colorful funky ornaments and wanted to make a tree in those cool colors to put the ornaments on.  I got these at Target last year. Michael's carries them too. I made four tree shapes all the same size and scored them down the middle.

I taped them together and then came along and glued the edges. I inked all the edges of the tree and added the mini bulbs.

Each side is a different color. I think it will add a little whimsy on a table somewhere.
If you notice the tip of each limb is notched to allow the bulb to hang straight. 

Let the holidays begin!

Ima Cutter

Friday, November 2, 2012

Nifty Knitting

Okay, I am breaking away from my cutter for a cute little craft I did for a friend. She is the queen of yarn. She made me the cutest cabled purse with these awesome blingy buttons. She both knits and crochets. She tagged me on a post on facebook. Right away I knew I wanted to try to make her some.

So here is what I made-

You're probably wondering what is so special about a yarn ball and needles? Well they are really a miniature set that are really a pair of earrings.

The ribbon they are on is about 1/2 an inch wide. Shhh.... I'm sending these to her for Christmas. The earrings and done on these domed bases I had. The needles are the ones you use for beading for earrings. The yarn is really Trendy Twine. I think it's proportions work great together. I don't think the needle parts will be poking her, or at least I hope not. The good thing is they will be cheap to mail.=D

Happy crafting,
Ima Cutter