Monday, August 27, 2012

Repurpose reuse

I have had an idea for some time now, but getting the time to put it into a plan was another.

In my recent move, moving more stuff (my husband calls it junk) than we should have, there was an old tower computer. We've moved beyond it, but, yea, it made the trip across the country. In my quest to find my missing 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and heat transfer vinyl (score!), I found the computer in a box with a myriad of old cables. I was ready to let it go to the techno pile in the sky when. I found we kept sitting on it. I realized- this thing is pretty sturdy.

You've probably had one of these around your house too- kind of old and a little yellowed with age.

 So I said, "Let the painting begin!" i grabbed some silver spray paint and painted the whole thing. I used a paint that was also rated to adhere to plastic.
Once it all had two good coats I put it back together. I have to say it was a major improvement.

So now what? Would we really use it to sit on?
I had this glass top from an old table that I had saved and thought maybe this would make a cool little side table for the guest room, since I didn't have one in there.
 SO, I got my handy Zing! out and got to cutting some vinyl. I decorated the sides and made a little flourish for the top. Here's a shout ave (berryone) for the awesome peacock file.=D

 I used three layers of colors. It was a difficult one to weed and layer with so many pieces. Transferring it was the easy part.

I put it together and put two quarter sized spots of hot glue to keep the glass in place. It seems pretty sturdy. The peacock design is on both sides of the tower.

 I think it's kind of cool. Best of all it was free, and now it's useful.=D

Thanks for stopping by,
Trish (Ima Cutter)


  1. very cool, I love thinking outside the box.

  2. Me too! The more I see it the more I like it. I like how the glass top doesn't hide that it's really a computer.=D

  3. A conversation piece for sure! :)

  4. This is soooo cool---some designer shop would charge big bucks for this!!!!

  5. Trish this is great totally creative love it!!

  6. Awww, thanks it was super fun! They design could be changed out if I want to move it into another romm to match its decor. Thanks for the comments.=D