Monday, August 20, 2012

Secret surprize!

Have you ever had a time when you just can't stand keeping a surprise from someone? You're just dying to tell them something because you know they are just going to love either what is going to happen or maybe a gift you got for them but can't?

Well, this is one of those moments. 

I think this falls just behind knowing the sex of your baby, and you can't wait to tell your best friend. 

I'm not having a baby, but we are giving birth!

Since the beginning of 2012, we have been secretly working on bringing to all of you the very first online magazine dedicated to electronic die-cutting machines. =O

That's right! A magazine just for US!!! We have a super talented creative team that have shared their talents to help us get those creative juices flowing.   It's call CuttingEdge Magazine.

We are having a launch party on our facebook page-

We will be having some prize giveaways and even some free subscriptions. Like our group on facebook and sign up for the prize giveaway.

The new issue comes out September 1, 2012. Come join us for the launch party and stay in touch, so you can take advantage of our special introductory subscription price. 

Come join us there!!!!

Ima Cutter

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  1. Congratulations on this venture Trish!!!! So honored to be on the creative team! Love your analogy to the sex of a baby. Your hilarious! :)