Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reusable Folding Bag

I have been scratching my brain to come up with a little gift to send my girl friends from back home that would be easy to ship. I found these folding reusable bags and instantly thought VINYL! The  bags are pretty good size and are nylon so the took the HTV wonderfully. What great is they can ship in an envelope rather than a box and I can personalize them to fit the friend! I found these at Tuesday Morning.

I found a great assortment of colors.

Here's what they look like opened up.
I like to keep things like this in the car for the unexpected like messy shoes, a trip to the beach, or too many things to carry. The can be tossed in the washer. The best part is being able to personalize them!

First up is one I did for a friend who knits and crochets like a wizard. I ironed the bags out before adding the HTV, but when I refolded them they created new crease lines.

The message says: Beware! Woman packing needles!

This one uses a Celtic know pattern:

This is one I just love for my special tea friends!

It says: The best friendships are made over tea. This is a saying I came up with on my own because it seems those kinds of friends you just seem to take that kind of time with.

I hope this spurs some ideas to  help fill out your gift giving to someone you want to do something thoughtful for.

Blessings! Trish  Ima Cutter

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