Friday, December 14, 2012

Washer Necklace

What can you do with these?

Take measurements of the inside opening of the washer and the width of the metal. In your designing software type out the name you want to use in a font that will read clearly at a small size and size it down to match the needed length and height to fit on the washer. Make a circle shape on your design mat and using the wrap to shape feature drag your name to that shape.  Cut the lettering in vinyl.

 Hand cut a few little strips if desired to add to your design that will go on the washer. Place the letting and strips as you want to arrange them and trim any excess that hangs over.

Add a little alcohol ink for texture.

When it is dry add two coats of diamond glaze tot eh front and edges of the washer allowing dry time between the coats.

Once it is dry add a little glitter nail polish along the opposite side of your cording. Let completely dry. Attach your cording and wear with your favorite outfit.

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