Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taking the plunge

After much consideration, I felt it was time to start a blog. I see everyone else having fun and connecting with each other. Truthfully, I was feeling a little left out. =/ I hope this blog will spur me to stay true to my inner crafty self and make some special friends along the way.

I guess I wasn't sure if anyone would want to look at my projects or hear my cents. I have been a crafter my whole life. I think I have tried close to everything. I am better at some than others.=D I stumbled onto paper crafting almost two years ago. I like figuring things out and putting a little of myself in all I do.  I like making my own cutting files and building on the ideas and inspiration I get elsewhere.

I hope this is just the beginning of a fun ride.

Thanks for stopping by.

Trish (ImaCutter)


  1. Ya! Glad you decided to take the plunge! It's great to have you here on the interwebs with us.

    The Happy Card Encouragement Factory

  2. I couldn't just stand by and watch everyone else have all the fun.

  3. fancy meeting you here! LOL It's about time! Now we get to check out all your creations!