Monday, May 21, 2012

Get Punked

I have seen the style trend of steampunk grow slow and steady. I like the juxtaposition of the elements of vintage and sci-fi. I had created this file but didn't have a chance to cut it and since then have seen a few articles on steampunk. I did this for a card for my son's graduation. I wanted something masculine and trendy.

I tried to add a few details to the card. One is that the front is shaped and follows the outline of the gears on the front.
I also took the stencil kind of shape from the gears and used it to ink some shadowy gears on the inside. Some of these you see from the front view.
I also took a shadow layer of the group of gears and put that on the inside for some interest.

I am going to add a gear with the inside sentiment to layer on top of this. Something like- "To start your future." I made the clock and the gears in MTC using basic shapes I was able to get the clock all as one piece with the exception of three I's that I had to glue separately.

I hope you enjoyed the card and maybe you'll find a way to get punked!

Thanks for stopping by!
Trish (ImaCutter)


  1. Wow...this is such a cool card and a great idea for a graduation! Good job Trish!

  2. how cute and fun!! love your card, Trish! :) happy to be a new follower!


  3. I like it, nice idea for masculine cards.

  4. A great idea for graduation. I bet your son will love it.