Saturday, July 21, 2012

Slate Coasters

I realized I never posted the details of how I do my slate tile coasters, so I will share the steps here.

If you have ever seen unglazed slate you'll know it can be a little drab and boring.  If you wet it, you can see the beautiful undertones it has. It takes on a new life. The one on the left has been wet with water in the corner. The one on the right has been sealed with clear polyurethane.

Putting a coat of clear polyurethane will give that wet-look result.  I put several coats on- at least three or four before I add any design. I let it dry overnight to cure.
Once my design has been cut and weeded, I use drywall mesh tape to transfer the design. I lke using the mesh tape for so many reasons. I like that you can see through it. I like that you can use it to line us your design. It is sticky on one side so it will pick up and transfer the design for you but peels off easily.
Once they are on the tile I  seal the design with another three to four coats of clear glaze again. I cover the back with stick crafting foam so it doesn't scratch the surface. These were a gift for one of my besties before I left Ohio. A dear and soulful friend. The design is from Creative Bling. Her desing sare perfect for vinyl because you can get such detail you just can't with paper.

You can buy these tiles at the hardware stores usually in a little package. I think you get like 8 for less than $4.00. If you get the chance to hand pick through them. Pick ones that are smoother and less edgy and rough. The vinyl will adhere better. Minor roughness hasn't been a problem.
Happy Crafting,
Ima Cutter


  1. I just bought a bunch at Home Depot, they were on clearance for $1.33 for 9 in a package.

    Do you clean them first before you seal, or do you just wipe them with a dry cloth.

    I have Varathane already, will use that with a brush.

    1. Elisabeth, (Gardendog)

      I may have to see if mine has these. The ones I used were left over from another project. Yes, I clean them first because they get a little dusty. Hope to see how yours turn out! I will check out my local store for sure! Thanks for the deal info!